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 Journal of Social Research
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Journal of Social Research (in Russian: журнал "Социальные исследования") is a peer-reviewed scientific magazine. Publishes the results of theoretical and empirical research in the field of social research studies.

The magazine is an online edition. Publication of articles online occurs article by article, as materials become available.

The magazine specializes in publishing articles describing the results of conducted empirical studies, analyzing social statistics, articles containing theoretical, methodological substantiation of approaches to conducting empirical research.

The purpose of the magazine - to promote a better understanding of the group, social behavior, its determination and characteristics.

The certificate of registration in Russian Federation: ЭЛ № ФС 77 – 64399.
ISSN 2500–0020

Registered English-language title: "Journal of Social Research".

Copyright for published articles belong to the authors.

Journal is included in the Russian Science Citation Index - РИНЦ

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Electronic copies of articles of the journal are published and stored on the sites and

Periodicity - 2 times a year.

Scientific direction of the periodical, the group of specialties:
22.00.00 Sociological sciences
Branches of sociologists:
22.00.01 Theory, methodology and history of sociology (sociological)
22.00.03 Economic sociology and demography (sociological)
22.00.04 Social structure, social institutions and processes (sociological)

Published articles are free, Open Access.

The structure of the magazine is composed by the following main headings:

- Theory, Methodology of Social Research
- Methods
- Branches of Sociology, Social Studies

The editorial board of the Journal of Social Research is guided by the requirements of the Ethics publications, established an international organization – Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), см.: Code of conduct and best practice guidelines for journal editors


Editorial Board 

Yury Fedorovich Bosenko, PhD in "Applied Sociology", RF, Moscow, e-mail:

Viktor Vasil'evich Voronov, doctor of sociological sciences, professor, leading research, Daugavpils University, Latvia, e-mail: 

Farkhad Nazipovich Iliassov, PhD in "Applied Sociology", the chief editor; publications website, page on Google Scholar

Tat'yana Zakharovna Kozlova, Doctor of Sociology, Leading Researcher, Federal Research Sociological Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia. Page on, e-mail:

Ovezdurdy Berdievich Muhammetberdiev, Ph.D., Professor, Turkmenistan, Azhgabat, e-mail:

Olga A. Plotnikova, PhD, doctor of historical sciences, PhD in economics, vice chairman of the historical and educational society "Guardian" ("Радетель"), page on Google Scholar, e-mail:

Darya Andreevna Sokolova, Candidate of Sociology, Associate Professor of the Academic Department of SHEM, Associate Professor of the Department of Management of SHEM, Far Eastern Federal University, Russia. E-mail:

Mark Henry Shapiro, independent researcher, e-mail:

The publisher of Journal of Social Research

Association of Independent Sociologists


Background of the journal title

Continued publication entitled "Социальные исследования", English name: "Social Research", were published at the Institute of Philosophy Academy of Sciences of the USSR, under the auspices of the Scientific Council of the USSR on problems of specific social research in 1965-1972.